Bedrock Farmland Wealth Management

Investing in
meaningful farming

Bedrock is a multi-generational wealth management firm focused on South American Agribusiness.
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Strongly grounded Investments.

We identify and enable investment opportunities in farmland and private equity developing projects for family offices, institutions and private investors.
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On the Ground,
On the Soil.

Being on the ground for decades, operating in the industry has allowed us to develop a broad intelligence network, and unparalleled regional knowledge.
Our team treasures a longstanding track record managing and operating agribusiness portfolios including farmland, agriculture, livestock, forestry and infrastructure projects.


Having complied with the industry best management practices, certifications and regulations we know it's not enough.  

We work hand in hand with the most renowned legal & accounting and auditing firms to deliver world-class management and reporting complying with the highest standards.

Our model vows to generate immediate impact on the environment and local communities well beyond industry standards, aligned to the UN's Sustainable development goals.

Portfolios With Impact

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Capital Boosted
by Nature

We design projects to meet regenerative concepts, protect and improve our land as an investment, and generate profitable and resilient returns.
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Growing Healthy
Nutritious Food

We are committed to produce healthy and nutrient dense food from farm to fork.
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Immediate Environmental

Our regenerative farming model  focuses on reducing use of synthetic inputs and soil disturbance while boosting Co2 Sequestration and decreases GHG.
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Biodiversity is the gateway to balanced agro ecosystems. We promote biodiverse investments to deliver risk diversification and resilience to our investments.
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Communities Empowered by Restored Ecosystems

Our model fosters entrepreneurship, partnerships and intense networking with local communities which rely on our products and culture.
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Freerange Animal

Livestock are natural allies of soil health and a powerful tool to restore ecosystems. We foster adaptative grazing systems to boost regeneration.